EPISODE 115 l R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain

THIS WEEK ON THAT'S LIFE... That's Life Crew talks about Anthony Bourdian's Death, Does your weed have mold and Spider Egges in it? and We bring back #TomThanks



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  • This week's songs are Ramones - Pet Semerty and Ghost - Square Hammer

Episode 68 - Cause David Bowie is The S***

MTR talks about seeing Good Riddance and Union 13, The Crew talks about Dreamcar, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, Halloween, What The Cluck News on Cemeteries, and #TomThanks

Episode 67 - All Puns Intended

MTR almost dies and heads to Sabroso Fest, Patrick eats Taco Bell for a month and watched Rogue One over 20 times, Jose drinks again, What The Cluck News on Death by Donut and Squirrel Attacks, and #TomThanks

Episode 65 - Racho Del Zacho at Disneyland

MTR goes to Disneyland alone and the LA Crash Ride, Patrick went to Arizona for Baseball and Podcasting, Jose hates Riverside, What The Cluck News, and #TomThanks. Follow us on FB and Twitter @ThatsLife_Pod

Episode 55 - Lt. Dan Was His Name

That's Life Podcast talks about H2O (The Hardcore Band), Yoga Housers, Patrick visits Lucas Films, and Bubba Gump Shrimp Experience, as well as #TomThanks

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