Episode 65 - Racho Del Zacho at Disneyland

MTR goes to Disneyland alone and the LA Crash Ride, Patrick went to Arizona for Baseball and Podcasting, Jose hates Riverside, What The Cluck News, and #TomThanks. Follow us on FB and Twitter @ThatsLife_Pod

Episode 60 - That's Life goes to Hogwarts

MTR heads to Warner Bros Studios, Patrick get ripper off by Marvel Digital, Jose loses more weight, we get another does of What The Cluck news, and we finish it off with Hogwarts Roulette with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans! Follow us on Twitter and FB @thatslife_pod

Episode 59 | AFI... I'm Not Buying a $40 Shirt

THISS WEEK ON THAT'S LIFE... The That's Life crew heads to AFI for the Blood Album Tour, ALSO: Breaking down Star Wars Rebels, and of course #TomThanks.


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