Episode 57 - Sea of Rattness

Hours before recording the Ratt Haus Xmas show, Steve comes to you LIVE from Ratt Haus Studios in beautiful La Mirada, CA. The head honcho of RHP, Matthew Bogarin, hangs out while we discuss an array of topics. We also listen to songs from Monochromie, Sunsleeper, Release The Longships, and Supercontinent! 

Opening song - "Monochromie - "L'envolee"

1. Sunsleeper - "Come Back Home"

2. Release The Long Ships - "I Am The Sun"

3. Supercontinent - "Earthrise"

She's Dead: An audio journey through How I Met Your Mother

*This episode is meant to be listened to while watching How I Met Your Mother*

S:1 E:22 "Come On"

Ted ultimately decides that he wants to pursue Robin instead of the woman at the matchmaking service, and ultimately tries to win her heart by going to great lengths to romance her. Meanwhile, Marshall worries about his relationship with Lily when he learns of her acceptance to the art fellowship in San Francisco. 

The Everything Bagel Podcast: Episode 53- Let People Enjoy Things

On this EBP Steve and Bean shoot the shit and talk about music choices while driving, letting people enjoy their hobbies and the expectations of men. Also, they rate Carl's Jr.'s Midnight Moonshine Burger in Bagel Worthy. As always enjoy some juicy tunes from Hazeli, Colins Phils, and Myriad Drone. Enjoy!

The Everything Bagel Podcast: Episode 52- Take a look at my box

On this EBP we welcome local Crossfit gym owner, coach, and all around good dude Cody. Join in as he shares his journey, talks about getting F'ing strong and his favorite things about coaching athletes. Also, get a sweet ear pump from music by Western Settings, Legendary Skies, Muelkik and Missing Sibling. Enjoy! Go onto iTunes and give a us a review!