Episode 57 - Sea of Rattness

Hours before recording the Ratt Haus Xmas show, Steve comes to you LIVE from Ratt Haus Studios in beautiful La Mirada, CA. The head honcho of RHP, Matthew Bogarin, hangs out while we discuss an array of topics. We also listen to songs from Monochromie, Sunsleeper, Release The Longships, and Supercontinent! 

Opening song - "Monochromie - "L'envolee"

1. Sunsleeper - "Come Back Home"

2. Release The Long Ships - "I Am The Sun"

3. Supercontinent - "Earthrise"

The Everything Bagel Podcast: Episode 45 - ... But If You Play It Backyards

On this music episode not only will you enjoy scrumptious tunes from Intesvaart, Retrograde Motion, Usnea, Night Fever, We Lost the Sea, Ascend Descend and Mantar, you will also some hear some ridiculous conspiracy theories behind some well known songs! Enjoy!

The Everything Bagel Podcast: Episode 43 - Class Is In Session

On this episode on EBP Steve and Bean welcome high school teacher and creator of Rebels and Martyrs, Ben! Join in as they talk about school systems, Rebels and Martyrs origins and how dumb teenagers can be! Also, enjoy some spicy tunes from Zeke Berkley, When Mountains Move, and Chairman Maf! Enjoy!

The Everything Bagel Podcast: Episode 41 - I Want To Know You Deep

Welcome to a music episode of EBP! This week Steve and Bean delve deep into each others mind holes and play some rad tunes in between that are certain to moisten your inner most ear. So sit back and enjoy music from Hessian Wolf Children,  Ranges, Old Soul, The Virgin Birth,  Uniform, Getting Married, Some Nerve, All These Fallen Trees, and Coastlands.

She’s dead: An audio journey through How I Met Your Mother S:1 E : 11 “The Limo”

For New Year's Eve, Ted surprises his friends by hiring a limo to take them on an excursion through New York City's nightlife. As the night progresses, the group picks up and loses people as the limo travels through the city.

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The Everything Bagel Podcast: Episode 40 - The Bro Code

For thousands of years bros have depended on each other in support of their most significant conquests. The game of the hunt may changed but the code amongst bros has remained the same.  Join us as we dicuss The Bro Code. Also,  join some tasty tunage from   Ghost Noise, Ai Margini Della Città and The Bombadils. 

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