5/13/2018 - Big Changes to Ratt Haus

As some of you may have already heard via social media, we are no longer working with Tiffani Jaramillo, Jose Anaya Jr, and Patrick Bonfrisco. We hope for nothing but the best for them. With that being said, we have brought back OC Brakeless' Luis Suarez to help out with the workload. Suarez is not only a social media guru but excellent at marketing and photoshop.

As for MTR, Mike Padilla, Aaron Marrero, and Chris Mesa; They have come together to continue the podcasts Ratt haus productions have been putting out for more than 5 years. Moving Forward with ourselves, Ratt Haus productions is now looking into live streaming and getting to know you, the listener. Please feel free to tell us where we can improve or things you'd like to hear on air. Our goal is to make some of the best podcasts out there. We are also at the perfect moment to take a look at new talent. So if you feel up to it, go ahead and email us at contact@ratthaus.net.

The next few months are going to be very new and exciting. Stay tuned for more updates!