5/31/2018 - Live Streaming for Podcasts

The Ratt Haus Crew had a rough start this past weekend when it came to our very first live streaming. There was a random echo we couldn't get rid of. Nonetheless, after graduating from YouTube University, we figured out all the problems and should be ready to go for next week's shows. Make sure to Follow all the podcasts on Facebook and follow our network on YouTube so you can get in on live conversations and giveaways!

5/17/2018 - New Logos, Equipment and faces

Things are looking up with our "Fresh Start" Initiative! First off, we got new logos for Comics After Dark Podcast and That's Life Podcast now up on all podcast platforms. We decided to keep them simple but effective. MTR and Luis Suarez couldn't had done a better job figuring out what would look best. If you'd like, go ahead and click on the podcast shows in blue lettering to check them out. We are proud of the progress we made.

Second off, we recently received an HP Envy 750 to help us with our goal of streaming. It's something Ratt Haus has been talking about for sometimes and we feel this is the perfect moment to execute such act. We've always been hard at work to make dual camera videos for our YouTube, but now this give us a chance to film dual camera real time rather than having to edit the shows, which is a slow and grueling process. Live Streaming also gives us a opportunity to interact more with you, the listeners.

Last but not least, we are bringing back an old face to the network! Nando Calrissian has returned to Ratt Haus and will be co-hosting That's life Podcast with MTR. We're still looking to not only fill some spots on our shows, but also get some new podcasts going onto the network. So if you feel like you might have the chops to hang with us, email us at contact@ratthaus.net!

Thank you so much for the love and support! we hope to hear from all of you soon!

-Ratt Haus Crew

5/13/2018 - Big Changes to Ratt Haus

As some of you may have already heard via social media, we are no longer working with Tiffani Jaramillo, Jose Anaya Jr, and Patrick Bonfrisco. We hope for nothing but the best for them. With that being said, we have brought back OC Brakeless' Luis Suarez to help out with the workload. Suarez is not only a social media guru but excellent at marketing and photoshop.

As for MTR, Mike Padilla, Aaron Marrero, and Chris Mesa; They have come together to continue the podcasts Ratt haus productions have been putting out for more than 5 years. Moving Forward with ourselves, Ratt Haus productions is now looking into live streaming and getting to know you, the listener. Please feel free to tell us where we can improve or things you'd like to hear on air. Our goal is to make some of the best podcasts out there. We are also at the perfect moment to take a look at new talent. So if you feel up to it, go ahead and email us at contact@ratthaus.net.

The next few months are going to be very new and exciting. Stay tuned for more updates!