Episode 229 - DC Comics Batman 66 meets Wonder Woman 77 #6 and The Flash #25

The Comics Crew talks about Marvel legacy, Dazzler to be Played by Taylor Swift, DC going beyond Monthly Comics, Man of Steel 2 to have Supergirl, and Reviews on DC Comics Batman 66/ Wonder Woman 77 #6, The Flash #25; IDW's TMNT #71, Boom Studios Bill and Ted save The Universe #1; and Marvel Comics X-Men Gold and Blue
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EPISODE 227 | Wonder Woman Review

CAD 227

THIS WEEK ON COMICS AFTER DARK... MTR, Tiff and guest host Patrick review Wonder Woman, and agree to disagree.

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Episode 226 - DC Comics Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special #1

The Comic Crew cover news, Rumors, and review DC Comics Wonder Woman Steve Trevor #1, Image Comics Young blood #2 and Sex Criminals #19, Boom Studios The Unsound and Godshapers #2

Episode 223 - NCBD: Everafter #9 XO Manowar #2 and Nightwing #20

The Comic Crew gets into Whack Attack, Rumors and news of this week and Comic Reviews on Vertigo Comics Everafter #9, DC Comics, Valiant Comics XO Manowar #2, Marvel Comics Man Thing #2 and Nick Fury #1, Image Comics Sex Criminals #18 and Kill or be Killed #8. Follow us on FB, IG and Twitter @ComicsAfterDark

Episode 222 - A Spotlight on Kevin Eastman

MTR sits with creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Co-Creator Kevin Eastman to ask as many unasked questions to go deeper into the TMNT Mythos and his upcoming projects!

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Episode 221 - Summary of Marvel Comics Star Lord (2013: Issue's 1-5)

Matt the Ratt goes over the very first adventure of Peter Quill, the Legendary Star Lord!  See how Peter got off earth and pursued his mother's killers.


Epsiode 220 - NCBD: X-O Manowar #1 and Mother Panic #5

NEW COMIC BOOK DAY EDITION! The Comic Crew talks about rumors, news, and reviews Valiant Comics' X-O Manowar #1 and Bloodshot Reborn #0; DC Comics' Mother Panic #5; Marvel Comics' Man Thing #1, Spider-man Homecoming Prelude #1,The Amazing Spider-man Vol 4, and Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 -2, and Boom! Studios' Coady and The Creepies #1

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