Episode 239 - Justice League + Power rangers #6, Sin City Volume 3, Green Arrow #32, Eugenic #1

Goku New Saiyan form, DC comics bring light to who Dr Oz's is as well as teases what Doomsday Clock is all about, Darth Vader to appear in the new Han Solo movie, Marvel Comics bringing an Old Man Hawkeye prequel, DCEU is no more, Star Wars Alan Tudyk writes for IDW, Star Wars Adventures brings back K-2so, 15 worst comicbook costumes in movies, New Thor Ragnorok trailer revealing the revengers, sword art online season 3, my hero cademia season3 teaser, Wolverine comes back in Marvel Comics

Episode 237 - Go go power rangers #3, Bill and Ted #4, Sleeping with ghost #1, Snotgirl #7

Thor Ragnorok poducers address planet hulk rumors. Mark hamill tweets to stay way from spoilers about Star Wars last jedi comic, Star wars fans plot to get JJ Abrams fired. Fantastic four 1994 movie review and documentary.

Episode 205 - Rogue One??? with Dan Fogler

Sooo... We talk about Rogue One with Dan Fogler (Host of Dan Fogler's 4D Experience Podcast and Star of Fantastic Beasts) but we get into A LOT of other stuff... like stories from the Fanboys Set, The Flat Earth Theory and Sumerian Mythology. 

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