EPISODE 247 | Bloodshot Salvation #4 and Judas #1


THIS WEEK ON COMICS AFTER DARK... MTR, Mike, and Patrick review Bloodshot Salvation #4 (Valiant) and Judas #1 (Boom). Also, MTR reviews Darkhawk #51 (Marvel), Mike reviews Night of the Living Deadpool (Marvel), and Patrick continues his journey into Rebirth, with the Batman /Flash crossover The Button and The Oz Effect arc in Action Comics (DC). 

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Epsiode 220 - NCBD: X-O Manowar #1 and Mother Panic #5

NEW COMIC BOOK DAY EDITION! The Comic Crew talks about rumors, news, and reviews Valiant Comics' X-O Manowar #1 and Bloodshot Reborn #0; DC Comics' Mother Panic #5; Marvel Comics' Man Thing #1, Spider-man Homecoming Prelude #1,The Amazing Spider-man Vol 4, and Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 -2, and Boom! Studios' Coady and The Creepies #1

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Episode 212 - DC Comics' Rebirth Batman #16

The Comic Crew covers this week's wack attack, word around the campfire (rumors), news, NCBD Reviews on Valiant Comics' Divinity III: Shadowman; Boom Studios' Death Be Damned #1; and DC Rebirth Batman #16, and reviewed Oni Press' Scott Pilgrim: Book #1, Image Comics' The Walking Dead #163, and Marvel Comics Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Prelude #1. Follow us on FB, IG, and Twitter @ComicsAfterDark

Episode 208 - Kaboom's Over the Garden Wall #10 and Logan Trailer #2

The Comic Crew takes a new direction with Whack Attack, Head into Word Around The Campfire (rumors), This Week's News,Comic Reviews on DC Rebirth's Ray #1; Optimus Prime #1-2; Archie #1, and New Comic Book Day's Kaboom's Over The Garden Wall #10. Follow us on Facebook, IG, and Twitter @ComicsAfterDark

Episode 206 - The 2016 Caddie Awards

The Comic Crew gives out awards (kinda) to several artist and writers for sever categories such as The Resurgence Award, Break out Writer and Artist and Comic Of The Year!

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Episode 204 - TMNT/ Batman Anitmated Series #2

The Comic Crew  breaks down this week's news, rumors, reviews NCBD TMNT/ Batman Anitmated #2, and reviews Image Comics I Hate Fairyland Vol 1, Cannibal #3, The Walking Dead #161; Marvel Comics Moon Knight #9, Primal Archetype Comics' Sleeping With Ghosts #1; DC Comics Green Lanterns #12; and Dark Horse/ IDW Predator vs Aliens vs Judge Dredd

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Episode 200 - Valiant Comics' Savage #1

The Comic Crew covers News, Rumors, New Comic Book Day DC Comics' Superman Annual #1 and Valiant Comics' Savage #1; and Reviews on Oni Press Lost at sea Vol 1; Image Comics' Snotgirl #4 and Kill or Be Killed #4; Boom Studios Snap #1

Episode 195 - Marvel Comics' Moon Knight #8

Comic Crew covers news, rumors, and comic reviews on Marvel Comics' Daredevil #13 and Moon Knight; IDW/ Dark Horse Comics' Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens; Image Comics Cannibal #2; and Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 and 2.