EPISODE 263 | Harbinger Wars 2 #1


  • MTR reviews Image Comics Stellar #1
  • Mike and MTR get into who will be the better Bloodshot: Vin Diesel or Jason David Frank
  • The COmic Crew bring in some COmic Book News and review Harbinger Wars 2 #1

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BONUS EPISODE | Christmas 2017


THIS WEEK ON COMICS AFTER DARK... Tiffani is back! Tiff and Mike review The Wicked + The Divine Christmas Annual #1 (Image). Patrick reviews the DCU Holiday Bash II (DC) from 1998. MTR reviews The Long Halloween #3 (DC). MTR, Tiffani, Mike, and Patrick review the DC Universe Holiday Special 2017 #1 (DC).  

ALSO: At long last, the mysterious identity of listener Karl is revealed! 


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EPISODE 244 | Ninja-K, Fence, The Flash, and Evolution

CAD 244

THIS WEEK ON COMICS AFTER DARK... We talk about Valiant Comics Ninja-K #1, Boom Studios Fence #1, Image Comics Evolution #1, and DC Comics The Flash #34

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Episode 241 - The New Mutants Trailer Exclusive, Power Rangers, Superman and More!

The Comic Crew change up there style and talk about David Fincher analyzing Marvel Studios, Gambit Movie gets a release date, Spider-man and deadpool get into trouble in Marvel Comics and we review Image Comics, DC Comics, and Boom! Studios

Episode 237 - Go go power rangers #3, Bill and Ted #4, Sleeping with ghost #1, Snotgirl #7

Thor Ragnorok poducers address planet hulk rumors. Mark hamill tweets to stay way from spoilers about Star Wars last jedi comic, Star wars fans plot to get JJ Abrams fired. Fantastic four 1994 movie review and documentary.

Episode 226 - DC Comics Wonder Woman Steve Trevor Special #1

The Comic Crew cover news, Rumors, and review DC Comics Wonder Woman Steve Trevor #1, Image Comics Young blood #2 and Sex Criminals #19, Boom Studios The Unsound and Godshapers #2

Episode 223 - NCBD: Everafter #9 XO Manowar #2 and Nightwing #20

The Comic Crew gets into Whack Attack, Rumors and news of this week and Comic Reviews on Vertigo Comics Everafter #9, DC Comics, Valiant Comics XO Manowar #2, Marvel Comics Man Thing #2 and Nick Fury #1, Image Comics Sex Criminals #18 and Kill or be Killed #8. Follow us on FB, IG and Twitter @ComicsAfterDark

Episode 206 - The 2016 Caddie Awards

The Comic Crew gives out awards (kinda) to several artist and writers for sever categories such as The Resurgence Award, Break out Writer and Artist and Comic Of The Year!

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Episode 204 - TMNT/ Batman Anitmated Series #2

The Comic Crew  breaks down this week's news, rumors, reviews NCBD TMNT/ Batman Anitmated #2, and reviews Image Comics I Hate Fairyland Vol 1, Cannibal #3, The Walking Dead #161; Marvel Comics Moon Knight #9, Primal Archetype Comics' Sleeping With Ghosts #1; DC Comics Green Lanterns #12; and Dark Horse/ IDW Predator vs Aliens vs Judge Dredd

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Episode 202 - Valiant Comics' Ninjak #22

The Comic Crew covers News, Rumors, New Comic Day on Valiant Comics' Faith #6 and Ninjak #22; Boom Studios Boom Box Mix Tape 2016; IDW Publishing' Super Fuckers Forever #5; and Comic Reviews on Image Comics The Walking Dead #160 and Deadly Class #24; and IDW's Apocrypha Now